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scared? just do it

So there was this scene in the hit TV show Million Little Things where Eddie, the father, was hesitating to do something. Something important like moving forward with his dreams. Dreams that he had dreamed for years.

And in that moment of hesitation his 9 year old son Theo noticed. He saw his dad in a light that he likely hadn’t seen before. A light that showed vulnerability and truth that, if we’re all being honest we’ve experienced a thousand times. And in that moment we’re all too familiar with, or at least I am, you know what he said?

"Dad – you need to pursue your dreams of playing guitar for the greatest band in the world, Hootie & the Blowfish.”

OK, maybe that wasn’t it. Maybe that was one of my dreams, but Mark Bryan is already filling that role of guitarist. A guy can dream, can’t he? CAN’T HE?!?!

He said “Just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.” Wait…..what? Just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

BAM. That hit me right between the eyes. I started thinking about the many things I DIDN’T do because I was scared. Then I started thinking about the things I DID do despite being scared. Wanna hear a few?

-Pursued an expensive LifePlan certification that I had only days to decide on.

-Moved to North Carolina during college for a summer internship that didn’t pay, not knowing anyone then built decks on the side for money (which is really like hiring Wreck-it-Ralph to build your deck).

-Became a dad. Anyone else have that moment they arrive home with their firstborn and there are no doctors or nurses around and you ask yourself ‘what the heck do I do now’?

The results of moving forward? With the LifePlan certification I’m now helping people find their purpose in life! What a joy it is to see the breakthroughs people have! Moving to North Carolina knowing nobody and having no income helped me to break out of my comfort zone for the first time. And becoming a dad? I don’t know that there’s any greater joy a man can experience than getting a hug and an ‘I love you’ from his kids.

Whatever it is you’re hesitating on or scared to do – just do it (that should be a slogan or something). If you feel you’re being called in that direction, that is. Do you really want to go your whole life wondering ‘what if’? Don’t wait – do it. Now. Start peddling. Move forward. One step. Go where you’ve been called and experience joy like no other. Joy that can only be exceeded with an amazing Hootie & the Blowfish concert.

What one thing you’re hesitating to do or too scared to do? I’d love to hear what you maybe feel called to do but are holding back on. Comment below or drop me a note, call, or fax.

One more thing. If God is calling you to it you can’t fail and won’t fail. Remember, that just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

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