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Told through stories, life and work experiences and comedy, Jeremy connects with people who want more out of life. People who want to move from here to there. People who have questions. People who want or need encouragement. People who need to experience joy. People who don’t know Hootie & the Blowfish is the greatest band in the world.

Jeremy seeks to consistently learn from others not so he can keep it to himself, but so that he can share those lessons with those he encounters. He wants to equip you to live your best life. To point you to a life rich in love and joy, a life that conquers goals, and a life that changes your community and the world around you.

Topics Jeremy speaks about include goal-setting, purpose, leadership, forgiveness, emotional health, hope, successful habits, courage, grace, and many others. And of course Hootie & the Blowfish.

3 of jeremy's keynotes include:

set your freakin' goals already

It's for you – not just your boss

Jeremy used to think goal-setting was an useless task that management asked you to do just for the sake of doing it. And that was why he did it until he was asked to give a talk on goal-setting and discovered how powerful it can be. Once he implemented this for himself he was able to get things done, set new sales records, and even get that pesky light switch replaced for his wife. In this fun & practical talk Jeremy will share why this is important, how to do it even if you hate goal-setting, and how even George Costanza got it done. If you don’t know who that is then your first goal is to watch an episode of Seinfeld. May I suggest Opposite George (Season 5, Episode 22)?

Purpose: More than just the reason for the season

Discover your 'why' in a 'what' world

Purpose isn’t just a Justin Bieber album from 2015. You didn’t know that either, did you? Purpose brings depth, questions, and power to why you’re here. It brings clarity to life and joy that’s nearly unattainable otherwise. Even bad things in your life can and do have purpose. Jeremy has spent hundreds of hours researching this topic and hearing people’s inspiring stories of purpose that bring freedom to those who discover it. He’ll share stories of breakthrough and what it means not just to find your purpose but to live it out. As Justin Bieber sings:

“And you've blessed me with the best gift, That I've ever known
You give me purpose, Yeah, you've given me purpose…”

Emotional health toolkits

What's in yours?

It seems that all the news we read or watch on TV there are stories of pain, stress, agony and defeat. But is that the reality of our lives? There’s so much good in the world and often times we have to seek it out for ourselves on a monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly basis. In this heart-to-heart conversation Jeremy will open up his toolkit and share with you what he has learned about his own emotional health challenges and how he’s been able to overcome them. Still working on that Hootie hiatus thing though.

Send Jeremy a note if you'd like to have him speak at your event!

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