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Going through the LifePlan with Jeremy helped me understand what I was put on this earth to do. The LifePlan process is brilliantly simple, and it's Jeremy's facilitation and questioning that makes it profound. If you're questioning the next steps in life, looking for validation on your decisions, or just wanting to explore what's possible – work with Jeremy!

Adam Carroll // Speaker, Author, Educator


Before LifePlan I felt stuck and overwhelmed and unsure of my direction. Working with Jeremy I discovered my strengths (and weaknesses) I left confident in my abilities and in my value and had a game plan on how to move forward.

Heather Wright // Insurance Agent


Having Jeremy facilitate my LifePlan gave me clarity and validation of the path I am taking. It also helped me see that a potential left turn I had considered didn't really line up with what motivates me. I've used what I've learned about myself and my purpose to stay true to who I am and where I am going, while providing my guideposts so that I can course correct along the way. If you don't know your purpose or if you feel like you have blank space in your life, then you should definitely talk to Jeremy about a LifePlan.

Corey Weeklund // Manager, Technology Consulting


Coming into my LifePlan I felt like a passive spectator of my life, watching every day unfold a day at a time with little energy or knowhow to change things. I was discouraged, disillusioned, wondering where I went wrong. After spending 2 days working with Jeremy I left feeling empowered over my life, clear on what I needed to do to get there, and having accountability partners to get me there. I finally had a life mission that truly represented where I was and where I wanted to be. If you're lacking purpose or direction in your life I'd highly recommend you talk to Jeremy.

Dennis Murphy // U.S. Army Retired (Hon)


It was a life-turning event. The whole thing was an ‘a-ha’ moment.

Stephanie DeVault // Regional Vice President fo Sales-Central Iowa,

Unite Private Networks

speaking testimonials


It's my pleasure to recommend Jeremy as a speaker.  Jeremy combines a great faith story with a wonderful sense of humor that keeps audiences engaged throughout his presentation.  I personally find his approach and story very inspiring.

Dave Schwartz // Missions Director, Lutheran Church of Hope


As a small business owner, leader in my church, and Co-founder of a non-profit, Jeremy helped me identify key functions I was missing in order to grow in my different roles while still growing myself. He showed me how to key in on my strengths more than my weaknesses. Thank you so much, Jeremy!

Ryan Pierce // Marketing & Content Curator and Co-Founder of ReMission


Jeremy’s talk at our event was one of the best that we’ve had.  He kept the audience engaged with his genuine personality and humor.  Participants found it easy to connect and, through his story of resilience through struggle, were able to take away some key elements that they could apply to their own lives.  I would highly recommend Jeremy and hope to have him back for another event in the near future! 

Josh Ervasti // Financial Advisor, R2 Financial Strategies

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