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Jeremy is one of only a few people who have won a Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, ESPY, and a Dundie though is still seeking his first Tony. That’s a lie….he knows a few guys named Tony. But really, Jeremy is a man devoted to his family, his church, his friends and to encouraging those around him.


He’s obsessed with the concept of purpose and helping others. Known as a trusted friend, advisor, and avid Hootie & the Blowfish fan Jeremy loves life and seeks out people’s stories. You have a story and it needs to be told. Not just for the sake of telling a story but so that you can live your best life and so your story can be used for good and to point others to a light and life bigger and better than what they’ve ever known. And he wants to help tell that story.

Growing up Jeremy’s goal wasn’t to be the most popular guy in school. He was friends with the jocks and friends with the geeks and friends with everyone in between. He wanted to create a community where everyone was kind to one another and that resonates in who he is and what he does today. Now, is Jeremy perfect and always kind? Of course he is! Ok…maybe not quite. But that doesn’t make him give up and throw in the towel. And your lack of perfection shouldn’t make you throw in the towel either.


Back in the Fall of 1995, Jeremy entered the Lord’s favorite University – Iowa State University. He began his freshman year with his childhood friend Craig. A couple weeks after school began Craig disappeared. After several days of people scouring all over Ames, IA for him, sadly he was found dead of an apparent suicide on the same day Jeremy’s grandma passed away from cancer. This is a huge part of Jeremy’s story that has helped shape him into who he is today. He’s constantly observing others. Not in a creepy, stalky way, but in a way that asks the question if they’re ok. Friends, stranger, co-workers – everyone Jeremy encounters is on his heart to make sure life is not just ok but full of joy.

Fast forward years later, Jeremy got together with his friend Adam for what would turn out to be a life-changing breakfast. Before Adam could even sit down he excitedly told Jeremy how he had just heard about LifePlans, which help people discover their unique purpose in life and that Jeremy should dig into that. After he finished his bagel, of course.


And so it began. After the bagel, having his own LifePlan done a few months later, divine intervention and several hundred hours of Paterson Center LifePlan training, Jeremy became a certified LifePlan Guide. And in case you’re wondering what his purpose is? Jeremy exists to help others live out the joyful life God created specifically for them.

Today Jeremy is an award-winning consultant, coach, speaker, LifePlan guide, mentor, Hootie aficionado, and hair model extraordinaire. He lives with his wife Teresa, daughter Maddy, and son Colby in West Des Moines, Iowa. And he has 2 dogs that drive him crazy: Bailey the Goldendoodle (aka The Annoyance) and Maria (yes, her name really is Maria) the Maltese or something. We’re not totally sure. We just know she bites everyone.

You matter. Your story matters. Your purpose matters. What you do with it matters. And he wants to help you see that.

If you’re interested in having Jeremy speak, facilitate a LifePlan, or learn how he got to have such amazing hair drop him a note or give us a call for availability and more information.

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