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frequently asked questions

lifeplan faq

Is a LifePlan for me?

Yes! It's for every human with a beating heart! Not really, actually. It may be for you or it may not be. It's not a one-size fits all so reach out to Jeremy to schedule a free consultation to see if a LifePlan is for you.

What do I get with my LifePlan?

Time with a guy with the most amazing hair you’ve ever seen. In addition to that, you’ll walk away with the nearly 20 completed charts you’ll complete with Jeremy that includes among many other components a statement of why you exist, your core talents, and a documented plan for your life. You’ll also receive an electronic version of the tools you completed. And if you’re lucky – tips on how to grow amazing hair. All of this leading to a life full of purpose, clarity, freedom, and joy.

How much does a LifePlan cost?​

More than a pack of gum and less than a car. But Jeremy will go over the details when you speak with him.

Where does my LifePlan take place?

You can do it over 10 weeks online or in person in Des Moines, IA. Both experiences are one-on-one with Jeremy. If you choose to go to Des Moines they have indoor plumbing, great beef, and are home to both Aquaman and Superman. I know!

speaking faq

Who do you speak to?

People only. I just don’t connect well speaking to dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. But really I'll speak at events, businesses, churches, non-profits, colleges, bingo parlors and lawn mowing clubs. I really don’t know if there’s such thing as a lawn mowing club but it’d be something, wouldn’t it? What a great place to get to mow your neighbors! Did I mention I’m King of the dad-jokes?

If I have a topic I want you to speak about that you didn’t previously list, will you do it?

Yes. As long as it’s not stupid. Or about cats or peas. I don’t like cats or peas. But seriously let’s talk about it. I have areas of expertise that I’m comfortable in and if there’s something specific you want me to speak about I’ll either own it like Hootie owns my heart or I can help you find someone who can speak brilliantly about it.

What do you charge for speaking?

I'll say this - it ain't cheap taking care of hair like this! Contact Jeremy for details.

If you’re interested in having Jeremy speak, create a LifePlan, or learn how he got to have such amazing hair drop him a note or give us a call for availability and more information.

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