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“Big Shot”, as defined by:


Oxford Languages: an important or influential person.

Merriam Webster: a person of prominence or consequence.

Urban Dictionary (my favorite): A person who holds a great deal of clout in whatever industry/culture that they are a part of. 

So what do Hootie & the Blowfish, The Office, and putting on a new pair of socks have in common? They’re all amazeballs, just like our new podcast – Big Shots, with Jeremy Baumann and friends!

Join us as we talk with some of our favorite influential people in sports, movies, faith, leadership, TV, music, and……hopefully Hootie & the Blowfish. Did I mention they’re the best??

We’ll host some remarkable folks who have done amazing things in life to have a conversation around their stories and experiences that bring hope, joy, inspiration and encouragement while we all laugh our faces off. And we hope you will too.

Ryan Pierce

Jeremy’s brotha from anotha motha is a co-founder of Remission, owner of Pierce Solutions, a talented & creative video/graphic curator, a man who knows his purpose and an adequate hugger. In his free time Ryan enjoys taking care of his horses (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke….I promise you it’s not), making fun of Jeremy (he doesn’t deserve it), serving his community and spending time with his new wife, Anna. We’re still unsure how that happened, but we’re guessing Ryan paid Anna’s father a large sum of money. At least Ryan’s heart is in the right place. Cause there aren’t many people in the world with a heart as big as his. 

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Alyssa Conley

You can’t talk about Alyssa without bringing up her killer vocal talent, which is regularly on display as Worship Director at the largest Lutheran church in North America - Lutheran Church of Hope. Not to mention her guitar & keyboard skills and ability to make sure everyone knows they’re “the worst.” Her husband Chad and sons Jasper and Benji keep her extremely busy, as she can often be found changing diapers. Except Chad’s – he can change his own. An avid fan of The Office, Alyssa has been described as the snarky version of Pam. You know, those episodes where sarcastic-Pam takes jabs at people? Yup. That’s Alyssa. And that’s what makes her awesome.

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