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Are you worried that discovering your purpose could upset the applecart?

Purpose. It’s something to be valued, not only explored but discovered, and put into a daily practice. Everyone and everything has a purpose. Well except maybe flies. And ants. Mosquitos too. Ok, let’s just lump insects into a big blob of not having a purpose, at least in my expert opinion. But let’s take your refrigerator as an example. Its purpose is to keep things cold. Milk, water, meat – you get it. What if you tried to use it to keep things warm? Would that work? Duh. It would not. What if you used your fridge as a place to store your tools? I guess that would work but it's not what it was designed to do.

If you’re like me you’ve gone most of your life not knowing or even seeking to understand your purpose. And when we live our lives like we’re trying to keep things warm in the fridge then, well bad things can happen. Let’s say you made a fantastic lasagna that you’re serving for a dinner party but you want to keep it warm so you put it in the fridge till they arrive. Everyone shows up a bit later and it’s time to eat so you pull out your world-famous lasagna, made from scratch using your grandma’s recipe. As you slice it up and serve it you can see your guest’s mouths watering just waiting to dig in. Then they all go to take that first bite and surprise! Cold, gross lasagna that isn’t anywhere near edible. Cold meet, cold noodles, cold sauce, etc. It’s only then, that you realize the fridge wasn’t designed to keep things warm – it keeps things cold!

Often we find ourselves living our lives in a way we weren’t meant to live – outside our purpose. When we do that we don’t thrive like we’re supposed to thrive. We get it wrong when we live our lives like a fridge trying to keep things warm. But I have good news! If you’re able to read this that means you’re still alive! And I have even better news!! If you’re still alive that means it’s not too late to discover your purpose!! WOO HOO!

And just like it requires change to start keeping your lasagna warm in the oven rather than the fridge, it requires change for you to discover and live out your purpose. You need to upset the applecart. Make the change. Big Amazing things happen when you start living for WHY you were created.

What’s maybe one change you need to make to start going in the right direction? Comment below or drop me a note and let me know.

One more thing. It was never about the lasagna or even the fridge. It was about the people you were serving.

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