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"We all need a purpose. Without it we're just blood & bone."~Ray Liotta, dirty cop on Shades of Blue

Haven't watched Shades of Blue starring Ray Liotta & Jennifer Lopez? That's ok - I'll break it down for you. If you've watched The Sopranos it's very similar except there are a group of cops who are dirty, with Ray Liotta as their own Tony Soprano. And if you haven't watched The Sopranos.....1) Tony is the ringleader and 2) Watch it now! Though be prepared for the worst ending in television history. I digress....

Anyway, in this scene Woz, played by Ray Liotta is comforting one of his cops (Tufo). Tufo's brother (Wallace) had just been released from prison and wanted to change his life by doing good and was going to help Woz and his team take down some bad guys but found himself getting beaten to a pulp and in the hospital in the process. Tufo is understandably upset because he didn't want his brother involved. Woz explained to him that Wallace wasn't happy in his new job out of prison and wanted to make a difference then tells him...

"We all need a purpose. Without it we're all just blood and bone."

From the mouth of a dirty cop. He's not wrong, you know. You were created to do something special. To be something special. And sometimes finding our purpose can be painful (hopefully not 'beaten-and-in-the-hospital-painful' like Wallace!) in the short term but pay off dividends in the long run for you and those around you.

What's your purpose? Do you know? If not, isn't it time to find it?

By the way, the bad guys were found and Wallace made it out ok. And you'll make it out ok too.

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