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I love it when a plan comes together

My family and I (I feel like I need to say “and I” to clarify it wasn’t just my family, but I also think it sounds stupid, so whatever….) were on vacation not long ago in Drummond Island, Michigan. Ever hear of it? I hadn’t either. I wanted to go to Colorado and my wife (she has a name….Teresa) wanted to go to Drummond Island so we compromised and went to Drummond Island.

It’s a lovely, small island right by Canada. You know how people hold up their hand to talk about where something is in Michigan? If I did that it’d kinda be like a big booger standing up off my middle finger. Does that help? You’re welcome.

It was so great to get away. We had a place on a lake and spent a lot of time fishing, relaxing, and just being still. Very therapeutic.

One of my wife’s dreams, and thus my dream has also been to visit Mackinac Island, MI which is less than an hour’s drive from Drummond on our way home. Did you know it’s pronounced MACK-IN-AW? Ever hear of a word where ‘AC’ is pronounced ‘AW’? Me either. And across the water from Mackinac is Mackinaw City, which is actually pronounced just as it looks. I can only imagine how the conversations went in spelling those places, but that’s another blog post (or not).

Once we parked we walked (no cars allowed) onto a ferry for a chilly, but beautiful 15 minute ride to Mackinac Island. We saw a couple lighthouses, Mackinac Bridge and well….that was about it. Once we arrived we were all hungry and found a place for lunch.

Our waitress (or server?) told us how we had to get fudge cause that’s what Mackinac is known for. So after a delicious meal on the patio overlooking the town we started walking. And walking. And walking. But we didn’t have a plan.

I found myself extremely grumpy cause we were just wandering and I’m the kind of guy who needs a plan. I mean, we were going to get fudge which is great but picture yourself walking through a mall where every store sells fudge. That’s what it was like. Same mouth-watering aroma and supposedly different fudge. I smell a conspiracy….and fudge.

As we continued to walk for 17 straight days (I may be exaggerating slightly) I had to stop. I was tired, worn out and wanted to know what our (my wife’s) plan was. We regrouped and were able to talk about what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go and put a plan together to do that. After that I was good to go!

Isn’t that how life is sometimes? We find ourselves walking along with a couple stops along the way but no plan as to where we’re going or what we want to accomplish. And it leaves us grumpy, tired, dissatisfied and without fudge.

If you’re like me that happens from time to time. And that’s ok, so long as you take time to recognize that and put a plan together for you. Not someone else’s plan, but your own.

We’re all made differently and have a different story that translates to a different plan. And when we’re not living out that plan it can cause problems. Problems that can be solved, however.

What’s perhaps one benefit you might experience if you had a plan for your life (not just fudge-tasting)? If you’d like to talk about it I’d love to be an ear for you, at the very least. Remember the old AT&T slogan “reach out and touch someone”? Creepy, isn’t it? So I won’t say that.

I’d love to hear what you come up with. Drop me a note or schedule a call and we’ll talk about it.

One more thing. Getting that plan and putting it into play will change your life. And the lives of those around you. OK one more thing for real. If you're under 35 years old then you probably have no idea what the title or picture on my blog is from. If so check this out.

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